Digital Printing is the modern printing technology that no longer requires cylinders, resulting in the lower cost and time spent in the printing process. With laser visualization printing technique, Digital printing support lined-pattern printing, unique pattern printing, or small fonts printing with no different when comparing to the originals. We can conveniently adjust the details and visuals differently in each printing. In terms of the printing quality, digital printing offers smooth transition of the color tone, making the printing looks smooth, vivid, and vibrant.


The benefits of Digital printing are as follows:

  • High Quality: High definition printing with smooth, vivid, and vibrant colors.
  • Print on Demand: Supports small printing orders, e.g. Printing for seasonal festivities or event jobs.
  • Cost Effective: Offers high definition printing in a very low cost, which can be used for an initial market survey.
  • Personalization: Supports unique printing patterns, e.g. People portrait, suitable for new marketing approaches.
  • Fast Turnaround: Offers speedy printing to keep up with the fast-changing trends.
  • Digital printing: Supports silver and gold color printing.