SHRINKFLEX (THAILAND) CO.,LTD. is the leading manufacturer and distributor of Shrink Sleeve Labels, supported by high quality Gravure and Digital printing systems.

Shrinkflex is the trend leader in Shrink Sleeve Label printing manufacturing system. We support high definition printing system and we continuously improve our manufacturing quality along with developing our high performing and experienced expert teams. With aim to thrive alongside with our valued customers, we put our heart into every step of our services, including serving your needs as well as providing you with technical advices by our experts.

Shrinkflex (Thailand)

A leading manufacturer and supplying shrinkable packaging by Gravure and Digital process. Founded in June 2007, Thailand with paid up capital 55,000,000 Baht ( July 2014 )

Vision and Mission


To be leading manufacturer of shrink sleeves label in Thailand and the entire South East Asia region.


To achieve highest customer satisfactory rate by delivery, high quality products and first class services.

Business Objective

To deliver High Quality Products and Service to customers using technology and Know-How to be transferred from Shrinkpack Philippines Corporation.

The Experience

Shrinkpack Philippines Corporation has over 30 years experience in producing and supplying shrinkable packaging to Unilever Philippines, Coca-Cola Bottler Philippines, Nestle Philippines, Colgate-Palmolive Philippines, and many more.